Rahman Doost-Mohammady

Rahman Doost-Mohammady

Assistant Research Professor

Rice University

I am an assistant research professor at the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. I am also a member of Rice Wireless. My broad research interests include wireless systems and networking and embedded reconfigurable computing. Additionally, I am the technical lead for the RENEW project at Rice where we are building an open-source reconfigurable research testbed for massive MIMO.


  • Large-Antenna Systems
  • RAN Virtualization
  • Machine Learning & AI in Wireless
  • Embedded Reconfigurable Computing


  • PhD in Computer Engineering

    Northeatern University

  • MSc in Embedded Systems

    Delft University of Technology

  • BSc in Computer Engineering

    Sharif University of Technology


MagmaML: Automated Diagnosis and Recovery in 5G Cellular Network


3DML: Machine Learning-based Platform Design for Next-Gen Wireless Networks

A Platform for Data, Design and Deployed Validation of Machine Learning for Wireless Networks and Mobile Applications

RENEW: Reconfigurable Eco-system for Next-generation End-to-end Wireless

Design and deployment of software-defined massive MIMO on the POWDER Platform

Recent & Upcoming Talks

Recent Publications

  • RENEW: A Software-Defined Massive Mimo Wireless Experimentation Platform
    Rahman Doost-Mohammady, Mehdi Zafari, and Ashutosh Sabharwal
    IEEE SAM 2022 [ PDF]

  • RENEW: A Software-Defined Massive Mimo Wireless Experimentation Platform
    Rahman Doost-Mohammady, Lin Zhong, and Ashutosh Sabharwal
    ACM GetMobile 2022 [ PDF]

  • Agora: Software-based real-time massive MIMO baseband processing
    Jian Ding, Rahman Doost-Mohammady, Anuj Kalia, and Lin Zhong
    CoNEXT 2020 [ PDF]

  • Design and Implementation of Scalable Massive MIMO
    Clayton Shepard, Josh Blum, Ryan Guerra, Rahman Doost-Mohammady, and Lin Zhong
    OpenWireless 2020 [ PDF]



  • Qing An
  • Mehdi Zafari (Co-advised with Ashu Sabharwal)


  • doost AT rice DOT edu
  • 713-348-3291
  • 6100 Main St, Houston, TX 77005
  • Duncan Hall - 2091